by Pastor Jeff | 1 Corinthians 12:1-7

Berachah 2020 Team Visit

In the bulletin this week...

Worship Outline

August 14, 2022

Attendance Last Week: 142

Welcome and Announcements: Pastor Jeff

Call to Worship: Michael Slagell

   “Lift Your Glad Voices” MH #175

   “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name” MH #601

Congregational Prayer: Edwin Detwiler

Missions Moment: Berachah Ministries – Michael Slagell

   “Jesus Loves Me” (Children are invited to place their offerings in the Missions Globe)

   “It’s Just Like His Great Love” LS #86

  “I Surrender All” LS #248

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:1-7  Read by Nathan and Hanna Mast

Sermon: “Wired” Pastor Jeff

     “Spirit of God”


We extend a warm welcome to each who has chosen to worship with us today

Parents of grades 7-12  Today, at the beginning of the Sunday school hour, CEC would like to meet with at least one parent of each child from these grades in the fellowship hall

Potluck Today is our noon potluck. Everyone is invited to stay for the meal and the fellowship. If you did not bring food, please feel free to stay. There is always and abundance.

Kingdom Kids needs more volunteers!  Wednesday night activities start September 7, and CEC is looking for volunteers.  We would like several more group and activity leaders.  Please pray for God’s guidance and let us know if He is calling you to help.  If you are interested, please let Faith, Susan, Margaret, Amanda, or Cindy know!

Nursery caretakers CEC is asking for volunteers for the Wed evening nursery. Several have agreed to help, but there is a need for at least 2 more persons. If you are interested, contact Faith Slagell or any of CEC.

Golf Cart Ministry  The Hydro Fair is  August 18-20, Thur-Sat.  Our church will be providing free golf cart rides for fair attenders to and from their vehicles. A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board for 5 carts each evening. You are responsible for your cart the entire night.  If you would like to help as a relief driver, but not be in charge, there is a place for that also. Time will start around 6 each evening and will go until the fair closes. Thanks so much for volunteering your time for this ministry. Questions? Contact Matt Jackson or Ben Warner

HIA Hope Is Alive presents the TZ Memorial Sobriety Sprint 5K,  Saturday, August 20, 9-10:30, at Weatherford First Baptist Church. The sobriety sprint is in honor of Zach Arismendez who passed away clean and sober June 4th, 2017. This is a way to honor Zach, but also raise funds for scholarships for anyone needing assistance to move into a HIA house. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun! You can run or walk, do it alone, or in a group! The more the merrier! For more information or to register visit www.sobrietysprint.com and be sure to select Weatherford! Contact Kyle Slagell if you have any questions.

Volunteers Desired:  Michael Slagell is looking for up twelve people who are interested in PVMC’s support of Berachah Ministries in India, who have any level of computer experience (None to Proficiency) AND have access to bringing a laptop or tablet to church.  Michael wants administrative experience in using IXL (an online learning tool) which will be introduced and used in Berachah with our January 2023 team and time going forward.  If you would like to learn more about Berachah Education, which PVMC is supporting, please let Michael know.

Update from Rolly  Read the latest letter from Rolly Walter and his ministry with Avant.

ICE Due to the group size and the church reserved this weekend, please refrain from getting ice from the machine this weekend. Thanks

Adoption Hank and Chrissy Eichelberger have an opportunity to adopt another child and have begun to incur adoption expenses.  Donations toward the adoption of Henry’s brother can be made through the church by writing “Eichelberger Adoption” on the memo line of your check.

 Freeman and Margaret Schrock are happy to welcome a new granddaughter born to J Paul and Shannon Yoder. Miss James Laveau Yoder was born Tuesday, August 9, at 3:31 AM.  She weighed 7.6 lbs and has a head full of dark hair. Congratulations to the family.

Schools who started this past week

WOCS Western Oklahoma Christian School

CBA Corn Bible Academy






Home Education

Aug 18  Weatherford Schools start


Aug 15 OCU Rachel Barry

Aug 17 Carl Albert Jr College/Poteau  Carson Propps

Aug 22 OSU Dylan Propps

                      Erin Slagell

              SWOSU Zach Selzer

                      Erika Stutzman

                      Marcela Miller
              OU Anna Friesen

                     Abby Selzer

                     Kayla Stutzman

Aug American University  Bryce Slagell


Today Aug 14, 2022

  9:30 am  Sunday school

      Meeting in the fellowship hall with a parent of kids, grades 7-12

10:30 am Worship service (live streaming on pvmcok.org) 

Noon Potluck

This week Aug 15- Aug 20

Tue  6-8 pm  TLC Thomas 1st Christian Church (Looming Class)

Wed 7:30 pm Elders meeting

Thurs/Fri/Sat Golf cart Ministry

Fri/Sat Church reserved for Koehn wedding

Sat Hope Is Alive ~TZ Memorial Sobriety Sprint 5K  ~see announcement

Next Sunday Aug 21

  9:30 am  Sunday school

10:30 am Worship service (live streaming on pvmcok.org) 

Upcoming events

Sept 4 Promotion Sunday

Sept 7 Wednesday evening activities resume

Sept 11 6:00 pm Singing evening

             Members meeting following

Sept 18 Potluck ~Fellowship and IHOP classes in charge

Sept 28 Gospel Echoes

Nov 5 & 6 Ok Mennonite Relief Sale in Enid


Prayer Requests

Add your prayer requests by contacting Pastor Jeff or the church office.

For our church family

  • That Christ may be seen in us.
  • Teachers/Staff/Students heading back to school
  • Health Concerns
    • Jay Blough ~Thank you for all the prayers and concerns. Jay
    • Bob and Phyllis Stutzman-for God’s mercy and peace in adjustments as Bob is now at MLM. in Hydro
    • Richard and Marilyn Waters
    • Warren Slagell ~back pain/infection ~moved to Specialty Select in OKC
    • Mim Mast
  • Pastor Jeff /Dana & family
  • Elders & families
  • Moisture

In our community   

  • Unity among believers
  • Brady Penner family ~ Lost his life in a crop-dusting accident ~Wife Mikki – WOCS teacher; 2 children
  • Local Ministries: Hope is Alive, Connections Food & Resource Center, Etc Shop, Agape Health Clinic, Branch 15, First Choice, Habitat for Humanity
  • Health concerns
    • Rhonda Mast ~ Comfort and Peace during her journey with cancer ~Nathan’s sister
    • Sharon Lacy recovering from shoulder replacement surgery Chrissy Eichelberger’s mother
    • Ernest Chupp ~prostate cancer ~Travis’ dad
    • Gloria Loken ~ Brain Cancer ~Tim Shantz’s sister
    • Janet Kauffman ~ Michael & Warren Slagell’s sister
  • Our local, state, and national leaders
    • OK Senator Darcy Jech
    • OK Representative Anthony Moore
    • US Senators James Inhofe/James Lankford & Bryce Slagell
    • US Representative Frank Lucas & Alison Slagell

Around the World

  • Serving in the US
    • Oklahoma MDS
    • Corey/Brooke Makeever -STUMO
  • Serving in other Countries
    • Kiran Paul & Lakshmi
    • Global Disciples
    • Rolly/Robyn Walter and family
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10:30 AM Worship (in person or online)

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