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"Confessions of a Rich Young Man"

by Pastor Jeff Selzer | Matthew 19:16-24

In the bulletin this week...

Worship Outline

February 5, 2023

Attendance Last Week: 122

Welcome and Announcements: Pastor Jeff

Call to Worship: Michael Slagell

“When We Walk with the Lord” MH #577

“I Know Not Why God’s  Wondrous”  MH #586

Congregational Prayer: David Miller

Missions Moment:  Lifeway Children’s Centre – Delvin Mast, Courtney Mast, and Jeff Selzer

“Jesus Loves Me”  (Children are invited to place their offerings in the Mission Globe)

Songs of Praise

  Scripture: Matthew 23:1-7     Read by Carl Steigman family

 Sermon: “What If Your Reality Isn’t Real?” Pastor Jeff

“Spirit of God”


“In His Image” …………………………………………..…………………5:00 pm

A documentary exploring God’s plan for gender and sexuality, will be shown in the sanctuary. The film is approximately 1:43 minutes long.  There will be an intermission with light refreshments.  The documentary can be viewed on YouTube through a link on our church website.


We extend a warm welcome to Each who has chosen to worship with us today

From the Treasurer:  For unexplained reasons, checks written for the offering, January 16, 2022, do not show on your annual giving list.  If your giving record indicates you wrote a check that Sunday, please let me know & I will update your donation receipt. My apologies for this error. Delvin

Positions Available ~The Trustees have updated the job descriptions for the church secretary and grounds keeper positions and posted them on the bulletin board. Please contact one of the trustees if you are interested as we would like to fill both these positions as soon as possible. The Trustees also appreciate EVERYONE who allows their name on a ballot to serve the congregation in any of the positions open. Please, prayerfully consider whether the Lord is calling you into service on a particular committee or church position.

2023 Annual Membership Covenant Renewal:  Members of PVMC are called by our constitution to renew their covenant with the church annually and the elders are charged with maintaining the active membership list.  If you are a member and want to continue to be a part of Pleasant View Mennonite Church or would like to start the membership process to become a member, simply write your name on the green bulletin insert and put it in ballot box on the credenza.  Feel free to text, email or visit with an elder or Pastor Jeff.  There are extra inserts on the credenza.

Budget 2023:  The elders are reminding committees to look at their budgets for the upcoming year.  The goal is to be good stewards of the financial resources God has blessed us with so He may be glorified, and His Kingdom extended.  The most current monthly financial report is in the literature rack.

Business meeting meal The youth group and I.H.O.P. will be providing lunch prior to the business meeting! The meal, by donation, is  taco salad or a burrito, chips, dip, & dessert! Funds will be used for an Alaska mission trip! Thank you for supporting these young women and men! 

The Hydro Blood Drive is next Sun, February 12, from 11-2, at the Hydro Methodist church. Check the bulletin board for more information

The February Bible Reading guide/Prayer calendar is available in the literature rack. You may also access it on the website:

The Et Cetera Shops and Hope Is Alive are partnering to defeat hunger at the Grand Can Sculpture Competition benefitting Connections Food & Resource Center in March. All donated food & funds raised provide meals for our communities. If you want to donate towards their efforts, see Krisha!

A gift table is set up for Austen & Hannah (Detweiler) Love who were married Dec. 20. They are registered online at “The Knot” and Amazon.

A special welcome to Trevon and Jenna Mast, who have recently moved to our area to farm, along with his parents, Del and Anita. Their address is 9653 N 2440 Rd. Weatherford.

Business meeting 2023 The annual business meeting is Sunday afternoon,    Feb 12. This meeting is open to all members and those wanting to learn   more about PVMC.

~Would you like to plug in at PVMC? Committees with terms ending in  2022 are needing a member(s). Each term is for 3 years unless indicated.

  If you are interested in serving, please tell a  person on that committee.  Committees, please submit at least one nominee to a trustee or Kathy  before the meeting.

~The 2022 minutes were approved at the March 2022 members meeting   and are available in the literature rack for review.

Submit financial statements from individual accounts to Kathy by Feb 8.



Current Members




Jordan Miller

Wes Miller

Andrew Slagell




Jordan Miller

Bible School

Jennifer Wingard

Dana Selzer

Cindy Hunt




Becky Peachy

Christian Education Committee


Faith Slagell*

Margaret Schrock

Susan Shantz

Cindy Hunt

Amanda Miller






Margaret S.

Faith S.

Church usher

2 nominees

Bob Yoder

1 extra  Replacement

Eldon Shantz*

Stephen Slagell

Lyndall Switzer

David Miller








Etc Shop Rep

Meribeth Slagell



MDS Contact

Wes Miller



Meat Canner Rep 

Ben Warner


Ben Warner

Parking Usher

Mike Propps

Bill Jackson

Clifford Zook



Ok Relief Sale Rep  




Student Aid

Brenda Stutzman

Tasha Warner

Chelsea Villines




Sunday Evening Planning    2 Year

Karl/Brenda Stutzman

Seth/Julie Thomas

Lyndall/Kathie Switzer





Travis Chupp

Freeman Schrock

Lyndall Switzer





Missions facilitator

Daryl Mast




Today Feb 5, 2023

  9:30 am  Sunday school

10:30 am Worship service (live streaming on

 5:00 pm “In His Image” documentary film shown in sanctuary

   This week Feb 6-Feb 11

Tue  6-8 pm  TLC Thomas 1st Christian Church (Looming Class)

Wed 5:45-6:30 pm Meal

        6:30-7:30 pm  Activities/Classes

Thurs 1-3 pm Quilting in room #112

Sat Church reserved

Next Sunday Feb 12

  9:30 am  Sunday school

10:30 am Worship service (live streaming on

  Communion during worship

  Noon meal (Fundraiser for MYF & I.H.O.P. 

  Business meeting following meal

11:30-2:30 Hydro Community blood drive ~Methodist Church

Upcoming events  

Feb 19 Potluck Kingdom Seekers in charge

     First Stone Ministries

Feb 23,24,25 Comforter Blitz

Feb 26 6:00 pm APEST Gathering

Mar 5 7:00 pm Members meeting

Apr 5 Rosedale Choir ~more information later

Apr 6 Maundy Thursday Service ~Meal. communion, foot washing

Apr 24 Corn MB Church 6:00 pm Area Mennonite Churches choir


Prayer Requests

Add your prayer requests by contacting Pastor Jeff or the church office.

For our church family

  • That Christ may be seen in us.
  • Bob and Becky Yoder ~Her mother, Louella, passed away. Funeral was yesterday in Ohio. Safe travels Their Texas mailing address is PO Bos 327 Calvert, TX 77837
  •   Physical address 5008 Elmo Rd
  • Upcoming Business meeting/Elections Feb 12
  • Trevon and Jenna Mast ~Transitioning to life in Oklahoma
  • Our housebound members ~ Jeanette Peters, Vernon Slagle
  • School Teachers/Staff/Students faith
  • Health Concerns
    • C.J. Yoder ~Continued healing for wrists. Starts therapy tomorrow. Released to  “light duty” work
    • Dori Slagell ~Chemo treatments
    • Marilyn Waters
    • Warren Slagell
    • Lola Slagell
    • Mim Mast
  • Pastor Jeff /Dana & family
  • Elders & families

In our community   

  • Unity among believers
  • Local Ministries Branch 15, Connections Food & Resource Center, First Choice, Agape Health Clinic, Etc Shop, Hope is Alive, Habitat for Humanity
  • Health concerns
    • Janet Kauffman ~chemo ~Michael & Warren Slagell’s sister
    • Gloria Loken ~Marjorie Shantz’s daughter, Tim’s sister
  • Our local, state, and national leaders
    • US Representative Frank Lucas & Alison Slagell
    • US Senators James Inhofe/James Lankford & Bryce Slagell
    • OK Senator Darcy Jech
    • OK Representative Anthony Moore

Around the World

  • Serving in the US
    • Corey/Brooke Makeever -STUMO
    • Oklahoma MDS
  • Serving in other Countries
    • Kiran Paul & Lakshmi
    • Global Disciples
    • Rolly Walter family ~read the current letter on the bulletin board


Looking for a Sunday School Class? Here are some options

Join Us


9:30 AM Sunday school for all ages

10:30 AM Worship (in person or online)

WEDNESDAY (Restart January 11)

5:45 PM Meal

6:30 PM Activities for all ages