“Mission in the Midst of a Pandemic”

Children to Love (CTL) will be presenting a free program LIVE, Tuesday, September 21, at 8:00 PM.  During this Virtual Program we will be greeted by the children in Romania, India, Uganda, Ukraine and Thailand, and hear updates from our partners as well as hear from other friends of CTL. To register to watch this program at home please click on the link labeled “REGISTER HERE”To join the “Watch Party” at the church, please contact Michael Slagell.


Sept. 19 "Quick Ears, Slow Mouths"

by Richard and JeannaLynn May

In the bulletin this week...

Worship Outline

Attendance last Sunday  106

Welcome and Announcements:  Pastor Jeff

Call to Worship: Delvin Mast

  “I Stand Amazed in the Presence” MH #540

  “God of our Strength” MH #533

Congregational Prayer: Pastor Jeff

Missions Moment: STUMO-Corey Makeever 

  Songs of Praise

Sermon: “Quick Ears, Slow Ears” Richard May

 “Christ, We Do All Adore Thee” MH #644



Jelly making time. Starting around 5 pm tomorrow, Monday, we will be making peach jam. Bring a large kettle if you have one. Wooden spoons will be provided . The more people,  the easier it happens. See you then!

CTL Virtual Program “Mission in the Midst of a Pandemic”

Children To Love  will be presenting a free program LIVE, Tuesday, September 21, at 8:00 pm.  During this Virtual Program we will be greeted by the children in Romania, India, Uganda, Ukraine, and Thailand, and hear updates from our partners as well as hear from other friends of CTL.

~To watch this program, it is important that each person registers.  If you would like to watch this at home, ask Michael Slagell for the link and instructions.  HOWEVER, we would like to invite you to a “Watch Party” here at the church where we can fellowship together as we watch the program as a group. If you are interested, please contact Michael Slagell so we can register the number of viewers and plan accordingly.

Time Change Next Sunday, September 26, we will begin a 6-month experiment of meeting for worship at 9:30 AM, followed by a Sunday school hour.  For a longer explanation of this change, please visit our church website at pvmcok.org.

Our annual elder selection process starts next Sunday, September 26. Please begin praying for God’s leading as we seek elders to lead our congregation.  Nominations ballots will be available in next week’s bulletin.

Celebrating 50 years of marriage! Please join us for a ‘come and go’ reception in honor of Robert and Phyllis next Sunday, Sept. 26, from 3-5 pm,  at Karl and Brenda’s barn.

Gospel Echoes are coming to PVMC October 3.  After the concert, there will be an ice cream social.  We need your homemade ice cream.  If you can bring a freezer of ice cream, please contact Karl Stutzman. Flyers are available to display in places you frequent. Thank you.

IT’S POTLUCK TIME! Sunday, October 10, we will be having a church potluck following our scheduled class time. Each household is asked to bring 2 dishes. We are so excited to have fellowship with our church family! If you have any questions, please see a member of SALT.

Baby Shower ~We will be hosting a baby shower for Niekie & Jordan Nel,  Sunday, Oct. 17, to celebrate their coming addition! If you would like to help with the shower, please let Krisha know. We will have a quick meeting after church today in room 102 (next to Kathy’s office)  for those interested.

The Mission’s Globe project for this quarter is helping Afghan refugees through an organization called Global Teams.  Global Teams is using indigenous people in the countries surrounding Afghanistan to provide immediate assistance for those fleeing the country.


SALT Day in the Country update

Date Change ~The Day in the Country date has been moved to Nov 20. We will have some work nights at the church so people to get involved. Please continue working on your crafts.

Here is the list of activities planned for the day. Please let Julie Thomas know if you would like to be in charge of or help.  

o   BINGO/ BINGO Prizes

o   Breakfast

o   Touch-a-Tractor ~Seth Thomas*

o   Pony cart/ pony rides

o   Cornhole Tournament

o   Craft Tables

o   Bake Sale

o   Cash Register

o   Jelly Table

o   Fall Photo Booth

o   Homemade Ice Cream/ Cookies

o   Coffee/Hot Chocolate Bar

o   Barrel Train ~Devert Thomas*

o   Comforter Station 

If a name has been added, they are in charge and may be asking for help. *Contact person for each event.

SALT reorganization “As the new leaders of SALT we plan to have a meeting in the near future to better organize and prioritize the responsibilities of our committee, for now if you have an immediate need for anything:

o   Food/Kitchen/Funeral Meal contact Julie Thomas

o   Event/Shower related contact Krisha Shantz

o   Decoration/ Facility related contact Susan Shantz

Stay tuned for more detailed information and your opportunity to plug into the piece of SALT where your gifts can be put to good use.

Komments from Kathy I will be out of the office next week. Please send your announcements to pvmc.office@gmail.com. Amanda Miller will be compiling and printing the bulletin. Thanks for your cooperation. Kathy Thomas



Today  September 19, 2021

9:30 am Sunday school for all ages

10:30 Worship service (Also live streaming on pvmcok.org)

Nursery ~Parents are responsible for supervising their children

This week September 20-September 25

Mon 5 pm Making Peach jam

Tues Etc Shop Tag Day

         8 pm CTL Virtual program

Wed 5:45 pm Meal ~Baked potato bar and dessert

         6:30 Activities for all ages

Thurs 1-4 pm ‘come and go’ quilting ~room #112

Next Sunday September 26,  2021

9:30 Worship service (Also live streaming on pvmcok.org)

10:30 am Sunday school for all ages

3-5 pm ‘Come and Go’ reception for Bob and Phyllis Stutzman ~see announcement

Upcoming events

Oct 3 Communion (World Communion Sunday)

          6:00 pm Gospel Echoes  ~ice cream social    

Oct 10 Noon Potluck ~Come and See class in charge

Oct 17 Baby shower for Jordan and Niekie Nel

Oct 21 Noon ~Branch 15 fundraising luncheon at The Edge in Clinton

Nov 5-6 Mennonite Relief Sale in Enid

Nov 20 Day in the country

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

Add your prayer requests by contacting Pastor Jeff or the church office.

For our church family

  • That Christ may be seen in us.
  • Elder Selection process
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • School Teachers, students and staff
  • Pastor Jeff /Dana & family
  • Elders & families
  • Health Concerns
    • Harold Jackson ~Surgical procedure Sept 27
    • Mim Mast
    • Dorothy Slagell
    • Marla Eichelberger ~Knee replacement
    • Keith Miller
    • Warren Slagell ~healing from Back injury
    • Richard and Marilyn Waters
    • Norma Shantz

In our community   

  • Unity among believers
  • Frymire Family ~Loss of parents. A Memorial Service for Vernon and Grace is Thurs, Sept 25, at Bethany Church, Thomas at 2 PM
  • Local Ministries: Hope is Alive, Arapaho Jail ministry, Branch 15, 1st Choice Pregnancy Center, Etc Shop, Agape Health Clinic, Connections Food & Resource Center, Habitat for Humanity
  • Health concerns
    • Bob Sprunger ~Continuing rehab
    • Janet Kauffman
    • Tony Graham (friend of Mike & Loretta Propps)
    • Anita (Susana Friesen’s sister) Heart issues
  • Our local, state, and national leaders
    • OK Senator Darcy Jech
    • OK Representative Anthony Moore
    • US Senators James Inhofe and James Lankford
    • US Representative Frank Lucas.

Around the World

  • Serving in the US
    • Corey/Brooke Makeever -STUMO
    • Oklahoma MDS
  • Serving other Countries
  • Rolly/Robyn Walter and family
  • Kiran Paul & Lakshmi
  • Global Disciples


Announcing a change to our Sunday morning format

The following announcement was made by Pastor Jeff on behalf of the elders at the close of the worship service August 22.

“Starting September 26, we will switch Sunday school and worship times and begin worship at 9:30 followed by a Sunday school hour.  The goal of this switch is discipleship, the process of becoming more like Christ by emphasizing our engagement of God’s Word in smaller groups with conversations around tables instead of a large group setting with everyone seated listening in pews.

In worship, we will continue to have time for congregational announcements, Missions Moments, the partaking of communion, the witnessing of baptisms and child dedications, the reception of new members and corporate singing and prayer.  There will still be a sermon, one focused on providing context for the scripture of the day, as well as proclaiming the gospel contained within it.

Content for the children’s Sunday school hour will not change, only the time.  For adults, Sunday school classes don’t have to change but we’re inviting you to lay aside other curriculum and further engage the scripture of the day, reading it for yourself, asking questions of it and applying it to your life, your situation, your circumstances.  Ideally, we want every adult believer, not involved in the children’s Sunday school hour, to join an existing Sunday school class, create a new one or join the intergenerational class that Pastor Jeff will be leading in the fellowship hall.

For adults, we want our Sunday school hour gatherings to be the functional part of the body of Christ at PVMC, where small groups of people can actually build trust with each other, engage God’s word and do life together, sharing the victories and challenges of life with each other and praying for one another.  Ultimately growing in our likeness of Christ, growing in our relationship to God, and be a more faithful witness to whom Christ has called us to be.

This experiment will run through February of 2022 and its evaluation will be an agenda item for our annual business meeting held at the beginning of February.”

Looking for a Sunday School Class? Here are the options PVMC offers

Come & Join Us


9:30 AM Sunday school for all ages

10:30 AM Worship (in person or online)

WEDNESDAY (Sept 5 – Nov 17)

5:45 PM Meal ($2 suggested donation per plate)

6:30 PM Classes and activities for all ages.