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Children's Sunday School Lesson for May 24

by Carolene Jackson

LIVE at 10:30 AM "Ripples: Wholeness" Acts 5:12-16

by Pastor Jeff Selzer

Songs to Inspire

In the bulletin this week…

From the Pastor

This past week a super cyclone formed in the Bay of Bengal that produced winds of up to 115 mph and a storm surge of more than 15 ft.  It destroyed houses and trees and took lives in northern India and Bangladesh.  With our ministry partners, Kiran and Lakshmi in India, I try to pay attention to what’s happening on their side of the planet.  The cyclone was north of where they live.  As I was reading reports of the devastation, a quote from an Indian official caught my attention.  He said, “This is bigger than COVID-19”. 

For the past three months, COVID-19 has been in the news and on our lips.  But, even here, there are things bigger than COVID-19.  Life continues to happen:  students graduate, couples wed, loved ones die, babies are born, crops are harvested and the list goes on.  Though we remain conscious of COVID-19, I want to encourage you to make the most of the life God has given you.  Celebrate the good things with each other and help one another get through the difficult seasons of life.  And all the while, point to the One who makes it all possible, because after COVID-19 is over, the world will still need Jesus.

Today we honor our graduates and celebrate this milestone with them.  We also want to be there for those who are struggling through a difficult season of life.  There is no shame in asking for help.  You don’t have to face life’s difficulties alone.  Please call me, or one of the elders or a member of the caregivers.  We’re here to help.  Pleasant View is here to help.

We continue to make changes to our website, so check it out at pvmcok.org.  We’re also putting the information in our bulletin on the website’s homepage so if you have access to a computer or smart phone, you have access to the bulletin.

Remember, the day of the Lord’s return grows closer each day so don’t stop encouraging one another.  I want everyone to be ready. 

Shalom, Jeff


Today the nursery is open!  Parents, you will need to continue to be responsible for your children as we will not begin manning the nursery with volunteers until June 7.

June 7 is also the tentative date to resume Sunday school for all ages.   

New Members:  Wes & Regina Miller, Kandy & Josh Steigman, and Amanda Miller have all completed the new member classes.  The elders recommend each of these individuals for membership at Pleasant View and anticipate bringing them in during worship on June 7.  If you have any questions, please contact one of the elders. 

Youth Coordinator Position.  The elders are recommending the creation of a youth coordinator position to address some of our most pressing needs.  A job description is posted on the bulletin board in the foyer and on our website.  The congregation will have an opportunity to vote on this recommendation June 7 during the morning worship service 

Bible Memory Camp is coming to Oklahoma!  High school camp is scheduled for June 8-12 followed by Jr High and Elementary camps June 15-18.  Check out our website for more information.  The big change this year is that everyone is asked to register individually online and instead of the church paying for camp upfront, Pleasant View will be reimbursing camp fees after campers get back.  If you have questions, please talk to Tonia Martin, our Bible Memory Camp contact person.

The latest MDS newsletter is on the bulletin board.

The May 31 potluck has been cancelled.

A New Opportunity to Serve – “Picnic in the Park” is a new  lunch program started to help feed families in Weatherford.  To get involved go to the reidnewspapers.com website and scroll down to view the volunteer calendar.  After you find a place to serve, call the Weatherford Daily News (580) 77-2-3301 to secure your spot.   If you want to contribute financially please make checks payable to WPS Foundation and send them to  WDN or Berrong Insurance.

Congratulations to Virgil and Meribeth Slagell who celebrated 50 years of marriage this past week.

Upcoming Events

Today ~May 24

   10:30 am Worship Service (also streaming  live on pvmcok.org)

 This week

   Tues Etc Shop tag day

 Next Sunday ~May 31

   10:30 am Worship Service (no Sunday School)

Sunday Evenings ………………….……………………………………….6:00 pm

    June 7 Singing evening  Responsible for special music are Bob & Phyllis Stutzman, Devert & Kathy Thomas, Freeman & Margaret Schrock,  Clifford Zook and  Dennis & Candace Slagell

    7:00 Pm Members meeting

Upcoming Events        

    June 8-12 High school bible memory camp

    June 15-18 Jr High/elementary bible memory camp

    July 13-16 VBS (Vacation Bible School) tentative date

    July 24-25 SCC annual meeting to be held online via zoom. Go to sccmenno.org for  complete information.

    Oct 17 Heidi Chupp and Jordan Miller wedding

Bible Memory Camp 2020

Bible Memory Summer Camp Registration 2020

To simplify the registration and payment process this year, we would like each family to pay all fees for camp directly to Bible Memory Camp when you register your child online.  After the week of camp, PVMC will reimburse each family depending on the number of verses learned (see chart below). Please let us know if that is an issue for anyone and we’ll be happy to work with you!

Bible Memory Camp Fees for 2020:

(A) – 0 Verses Memorized = $210; (B) – 10-29 Verses Memorized = $195; (C) – 30+ Verses Memorized = $180

  • If your child learned all the verses given in the fall and winter on Wed. evenings (30); PVMC will cover the entire camp fee of $180. Please pay the full amount on the BMM website when you register, and the church will reimburse you the full amount after camp.     
  • If your child learned at least 10 of the Wed. evening verses; PVMC will cover $100 of your child’s camp fees. Please pay the full amount of $195 on the BMM website when you register, and the church will reimburse you $100 after camp. 
  • If your child learned 0 verses; PVMC will cover $100 of your child’s camp fees. Please pay the full among of $210 on the BMM website when you register, and the church will reimburse you $100 after camp.

If you are not sure how many verses your child learned, please check with Tonia Martin

Please register your children for Bible Memory Camp using their online registration at: http://www.bmm.life/register.

If you need assistance with the online registration, please contact Pastor Jeff.    

Here are a few tips as you fill in the various sections:


PVMC Church ID#”: 37304


Notice the total cost for your child (determined by the number of verses they have memorized).  You will need to enter that amount later.

  • “Number of Lessons completed.” We don’t do their lessons, so simply enter “0” in the answer field to this question. 
  • “Shirt Size” A camp t-shirt is included in the camp fee this year; every camper will receive a t-shirt when they check in at camp. Please choose their t-shirt size. 
  • Is your church paying part or all of your camp fee? If so, how much?” Please enter $0.00 here. The church will reimburse you directly this year. 

Complete the remainder of the form, sign and click “Register”. 

When you receive a confirmation email from BMM, please forward that email to pvmc.office@gmail.com or print it off and put it in the Bible Memory Camp mailbox located at the far bottom right of the mailboxes by June 1st so that we know they are registered and can plan for transportation.    

Please have all fees paid online and registrations turned in to the Bible Memory Camp mailbox before your child goes to camp!  Thanks! 

Bible Memory Camp also asks that you check your child’s temperature before you send them to camp. They will be checking temps and if your child has a temp above 100 degrees, they will not be allowed to stay at camp. Please see the BMM website for further protocols they are putting in place this year to keep everyone as safe as possible while at camp.

Youth Coordinator Job Description

Part Time Position (with a monthly stipend of $300)

Term of Service: One year (renewable)

Essential Job Functions

  1. Faithfully bear witness to Christ in all circumstances.
  2. Support the elders and Senior Pastor in faithfulness to the vision God has given PVMC. See PVMC’s Vision statement.
  3. Provide leadership for the youth ministries of the church; junior high and high school.
    1. Serve as the primary contact person for all ministries involving junior high and high school youth.
    2. Routinely communicate and coordinate youth activities with the Christian Education Committee.
    3. Promote Bible Memory Camp.
    4. Encourage parental participation as well as the participation of other Christian adults in youth activities.
  4. Be accountable to the Senior Pastor and elders.
  5. Duties of the Youth Coordinator:
    1. Be involved in the teaching of high school youth on Sunday morning either personally or in conjunction with other adults.
    2. Be involved in Wednesday evening activities for the high school youth either personally or in conjunction with other adults.
    3. Organize Sunday evening activities for the high school youth, aiming for one activity per month.
    4. Plan quarterly fellowship activities for the junior high and high school youth (concerts, lock-ins, bowling, etc)
    5. Encourage and plan age appropriate service activities within the congregation and local communities.
    6. Organize an international “mission trip” once every four years for the high school youth.
    7. Solicit feedback from the youth themselves regarding ideas toward making the group meaningful for them.

Education and Experience

This position requires a commitment to Christ and a desire to see youth grow toward Christ.  Previous experience in teaching roles within in a church is required.  The successful individual will be a self-starter, work well with committees and youth sponsors, communicate well with the Senior pastor and elders and have a solid work ethic.

Come & Join Us


  • 9:30 AM Sunday school for all ages
  • 10:30 AM Worship (nursery provided)
  • 6:00 PM Evening Service (check weekly bulletin for details)

WEDNESDAY (Regular Wednesday Services are done for the Spring, but will be back in the Fall!)

  • 5:45 PM Supper starts ($2 suggested donation per plate)
  • 6:30 PM Classes and activities for all ages.