by Pastor Jeff Selzer | 1 Peter 3:8-12

In the bulletin this week...

Worship Outline

We’re excited that you chose to worship with us today! 

Clipboards, with fill in sheets, are available for the children to use

during the worship service.


Welcome and Announcements: Pastor Jeff

Call to Worship: Michael Slagell

         “Come Ye Thankful People Come” MH 519

         “This is My Fathers World” MH 49

Congregational Prayer: Dwayne Slagell

Mission Moment:  Reggie Miller

   Rolly Walter with Avant Ministries

           “Jesus Loves Me”

(Children are invited to place their offerings in the Mission Globe)

          Songs of Praise

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:8-12

     Read by Chris & Jessica Kimble

Sermon: “Harmony” Pastor Jeff Selzer

         “Spirit of God”



Minutes from the November 5th Members Meeting have been approved by the elders and are available for review on the bulletin board in the foyer.

The December Daily Bible Reading guide & Prayer calendar is now available. Find it in the literature rack or @ pvmcok.org under the resources tab.

Missions Meeting The Missions committee will be meeting this Wednesday, November 29th, at 8pm.

Angel Tree The Angel Trees are set up in the foyer. We have 25 kids to purchase for this year. There are two angels per child, one lists the child’s   clothing size and the other has toy ideas and interests. To be fair, it is very important each child has exactly 2 gifts to unwrap ˗ they can be in as big of a box as you want! As you take a set of angels, please put your name on the sheet next to your angel’s number. Gifts are to be wrapped and returned to church   Sunday morning,  December 10th. If you have any questions, please contact  Cindy Hunt.

Singing Evening is next Sunday, December 3rd. Virgil & Meribeth Slagell,  Lyndall & Kathie Switzer,  Tim & Angela Stutzman,  Michael &  Faith Slagell, Reggie & Angel Miller are responsible for specials. If you prefer not to organize a special for the month, or have a conflict, please contact Seth  Thomas.

Approved Giving List Update The Elders have added the Gideons to the PVMC approved giving list. To give to the Gideons through PVMC, write checks out to PVMC and then note on the memo line “Gideons”. May God bless the sharing of His Word. 

2024 Annual Business Meeting The annual business meeting is set for Sunday, January 28th. The meeting is open to anyone who wants to learn more about PVMC. A list of committees with terms ending in 2023 and are open for nomination has been posted to the bulletin board in the foyer. If you are interested in serving, please contact someone on a committee and let them know.    Committees are asked to begin collecting financial reports, 2024 budgets and nominations. These can be given to the church office or emailed to pvmc.office@gmail.com 

Children’s Christmas Program Practice

  • Sunday, Nov. 26th: Sunday School Hour
  • Wednesday, Nov. 29th: 6 – 7:30 pm (Supper Provided)
  • Sunday, Dec. 3rd: Sunday School Hour
  • Wednesday, Dec. 6th: 6 – 7:30 pm (Supper Provided)
  • Sunday, Dec. 10th: Sunday School Hour
  • Wednesday, Dec. 13th: 6 – 7:30 pm (Supper Provided)
  • Saturday, Dec. 16th: 9 am ~ Dress Rehearsal (Snack Provided)
  • Sunday, Dec. 17th: Sunday School Hour

Program Performance 6 pm Sunday December 17th




Today, November 26, 2023

  9:30 am Sunday School

10:30 am Worship service

  5:00 pm Fellowship Hall Reserved


This week Nov 27th – Dec 2nd

Tue      6 – 8 pm TLC Thomas 1st Christian

                          Church (Looming Class) 

Wed     6 pm Children’s Program


            8 pm  Missions Meeting   

Fri                  Fellowship Hall Reserved


Next Sunday, December 3rd

  9:30 am Sunday School

10:30 am Worship service

  6:00 pm  Singing Evening


Upcoming events            

December 4th CEC Meeting

December 10th Fellowship Hall Reserved

December 16th Dress Rehearsal for

                          Christmas Program

December 17th Children’s Christmas


December 19th  Fellowship Hall Reserved

December 24th Christmas Eve Service

January 7th Communion

January 28th Annual Business Meeting


Prayer Requests

Add your prayer requests by contacting Pastor Jeff or the church office.

For our church family

That Christ may be seen in us.

Our homebound members ~ Jeanette Peters, Marjorie Shantz,

Bertha Miller, Vernon Slagle (at Maple Lawn Manor)

Health Concerns

  • Melissa Detweiler ~ Recovering from back surgery
  • Warren Slagell ~ Rehabilitating at Maple Lawn Manor
  • Mim Mast
  • Ruthie Miller ~ Recovering from shoulder surgery
  • Jordan Nel ~ Complications with pregnancy
  • Phyllis Stutzman ~ Recovering from a fall with an ankle injury

Pastor Jeff, Dana & family

Elders & families

In our community   

For those who don’t know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and unity among those who do.

Local Ministries:  Agape Health Clinic, Branch 15, Habitat for Humanity, Connections Food & Resource Center, First Choice, Etc Shop,

Hope is Alive

Health concerns

  • Bill Lacy ~ hospice ~ Chrissy Eichelberger’s dad
  • Janet Kauffman ~ chemo ~ Michael & Warren Slagell’s sister
  • Gloria Loken ~ Marjorie Shantz’s daughter, Tim’s sister

Our local, state, and national leaders

  • OK Senator Darcy Jech
  • OK Representative Anthony Moore
  • US Representative Frank Lucas & Alison Slagell
  • US Senators Mark Wayne Mullen/James Lankford & Bryce Slagell

Around the World

Serving in the US

  • Oklahoma MDS
  • Corey & Brooke Makeever – STUMO
  • Cadon Detweiler – Victory Bible Camp

Serving in other Countries

  • Befon Asiago -Lifeway Children’s Centre
  • Rolly Walter
  • Kiran Paul & Lakshmi -Berachah Ministries
  • Global Disciples
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9:30 AM Sunday school for all ages

10:30 AM Worship (in person or online)


5:45 PM Meal

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